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We’re a group of local & professional painters in the Durham region that are committed to always providing quality service and customer care to each of our clients. We provide a wide-array of painting services for both residential and commercial clientele, as well as seamless drywall patching & repair. Check out our “Services” menu above to learn more, or keep on reading!

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Often times new home and business owners are unsure on what to expect to pay for paint work for their homes, offices, businesses, etc. Especially with the rise in cost of living prices & services in the GTA now spreading further into cities like Whitby, Oshawa, and Bowmanville, Ontarians are getting more and more unsure about how much they should be paying for their painting services.

Prices for painting services in the Durham region and GTA can vary widely due to several factors; the two largest being the QUALITY of the job provided as well as what’s being INCLUDED in the cost. Items such as paint on the baseboards, window trims, & ceilings for your home or office can often be excluded/forgotten from the initial quote, or the quality of the workers, paint, or equipment isn’t considered; both situations can generate an initial lower cost, but will sacrifice a lot in terms of the quality of the job.

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For more information on the topic of knowing if you’re getting an accurate quote & hiring quality painters for your project, check out our blog: Expert Advice: What to Look For When Hiring a Professional Painter.

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When looking for top-quality paint work for your home or business, before shopping with the intent of only seeking out the painters with the lowest price, please take a few things into consideration first!

1. What quality paints are they using?​

Low-grade paint is an easy way for companies or individual servicemen to drastically reduce their service prices, but unfortunately those paints come with a heap of complications. From long-lasting lingering chemical odours to short lifespans leading to frequent repaints & repairs; more often than not, that low-price tag is just not worth the cost in quality.

High-quality paints that should be used for your home or business in Whitby can be found at reputable retailers such as our supplier Sherwin Williams.

The drawbacks to low-grade paint include:

At 123 Paint, our experts use premium & high quality paints & stains from Sherwin Williams to fit all home and business painting needs so that the jobs are made to last.

Take a look at some of their top-selling paints & stains just for exterior home & business use alone below:

Sherwin Williams Emerald Paint

Emerald® Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint: 

Most popular all-in-one exterior paint formula; features include increased durability, and mildew & colour fade resistance.

Sherwin Williams Duration Paint

Duration® Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint: 

Best exterior paint formula for jobs in need of increased resistance to wear & tear, as well as extra durability.

Sherwin Williams Resilience Paint

Resilience® Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint: 

For use in paint jobs in any weather condition; the water resistant formula allows it to be applied in any weather including rain & snow.

Sherwin Williams WoodScapes Stain

WoodScapes® Exterior Acrylic Solid Colour House Stain: 

An exterior wood home & surface stain with an advanced formula for colour retention and peel resistance.

2. Are they experienced contractors?

Skilled hands that have developed and honed their craft over time produce the most consistent, fast, and quality work; make sure to hire a contractor in Whitby that has the expertise and skill to do your job right and on time! When you hire a professional company with experience, they’ll know exactly how to use materials efficiently to keep costs low, as well as finish the job up quickly. They may even bring in multiple team members to work simultaneously and get the job done even faster!

3. Do they care about their customers and their work?

Customer client support phone and headset on table

Although it may seem difficult to gauge how reliable a painter will be prior to committing to their service, it really isn’t if you know what to look out for. There can often be telling signs very early on in your interaction with them or their customer service team that can help indicate to you whether or not you should be working with that particular painter or company. 

Slow, vague, or even a lack-of a response when attempting to get in contact with a service company, especially in the early stages of the interactions with them, is a pretty good indicator that their customer service is not a priority of theirs. And we can all agree that dealing with a subpar customer support team in the unfortunate event that something isn’t right with the painting services you’ve just spent your hard-earned money on is something NOBODY wants to do!

123 Paint prides ourselves on our dedication to provided excellent customer service and support, and quality professional painting services for Whitby and the region of Durham. Contact us today if you’re interested in any of our painting and contracting services listed above by filling out the form BELOW or giving us a CALL at (289) 675-1112 today!

123 Paint; quality residential and commercial painting services in the Durham Region & GTA

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123 Paint; quality residential and commercial painting services in the Durham Region & GTA

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