Popcorn ceilings – are they in, or out?

Close-up of popcorn ceiling texture.

If you were to take a look at any average Canadian homes’ ceiling, you’d likely find the very familiar three-dimensional textured stucco that was popularised by home builders in the 20th century, called the popcorn ceiling. Why call them “popcorn” ceilings? Well, the name derives from the simple fact that this spray or paint-on texturing technique leaves an effect that many believe to look like thousands and thousands of tiny popcorn kernels on your ceiling!

Surprisingly though, as common as this ceiling design is in the homes of many, very few actually wonder if there is a reason for the popcorn ceiling. While the aesthetics of the popcorn ceiling technique is debatable, the appearance of the popcorn ceiling actually isn’t the reason for its popularity.

As mentioned before, textured ceilings were popularised in Canadian homes in the 20th century by home builders. With the proper equipment, textured ceilings could be sprayed-on without the need of ceiling primers in a fraction of the time it would take to paint by hand. Not only that, but the refraction and shadows of light caused by the three-dimensional textures on the surface made the spotting of scratches, dents, or mistakes on the ceiling near to impossible.

Simply put, the technique was easy and quick to do, cost-effective, and hid any imperfections in the ceiling that the builders needed to mend anyway; hence massive time and cost-savings for the builder!

So, what about the home owner? Why would they want a popcorn ceiling?

Fortunately, textured ceilings actually have a few benefits in the home, those including:

  • The ability to dampen sounds and reduce echoing in the home;
  • Depending on the look of your room, textured ceilings can add aesthetic appeal;
  • Continue to hid imperfections on the ceiling including dust accumulation and cobwebs.

Despite these benefits though, many home-owners are opting for the removal of these popcorn ceilings as, more often than not, the popcorn ceiling style no longer meshes well with the sleek and minimal home look many modern Canadians prefer.

Sleek modern living room with texture-free ceiling.


A 21st century modernly styled Canadian home, with textureless ceilings.

Hiring a professional for the removal of popcorn and other textured ceilings is a must! Achieving a smooth, flat and even-surface takes skill and patience, as it’s tedious and messy work. Not only that, but in the years prior to the banning of asbestos – a now widely known harmful and toxic building material; many companies used it as the filler in residential popcorn ceilings, therefore extra caution and protective equipment needs to be taken for the safe and proper removal of it from the home.

The professionals at 123 Paint are fully equipped and experienced to remove popcorn ceilings and give you the stunning blank canvas you need to begin creating your home interior design masterpiece!

Call us for a FREE on-site estimate at your home or business in Durham or the GTA today if you’re interested in any of our textured surface removal services! For more info or for a list of our other services please visit us at www.123paint.ca!  

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