When Should I Repaint My Home?

Cracked and scratched paint on front door of home.

We pass by the painted walls in our homes and our business without much of a second thought of them; they’re easy to bypass because they’re always there! Unfortunately, this often rings true even when unsightly marks, scratches, and gouges are present in the paint. The deterioration and loss in lustre of surface paint is slow and gradual, which is why it is so easy to not see.

Take a look around your current living or work space now! Do the painted surfaces still hold the shine that they had years ago, or add the same freshness to the space that they used to? If your answer isn’t a cheerful ‘yes!’ then maybe you should consider a new paint job with the experts at 123 Paint.

You may wonder, “Is there a general rule of thumb as to how often I should repaint my walls?”, and the answer to that is a very definitive… it depends. Unfortunately, when it comes to painted surfaces, there’s no standard “expiry-date” that can be applied to all cases. Instead, several factors need to be considered to help you determine how frequently you should expect to repaint a surface.

Environmental Conditions and Factors

The surrounding environment is a large contributing factor as to how quickly the paint deteriorates, and therefore how often you need to repaint a surface. Natural factors like the sun that causes fading and cracking, and other elemental factors like wind, humidity and fluctuations in temperature, all create small accumulating damage over time that destroy the overall look of the paint. Other sources of damage that creep up over time are things like general human wear and tear, especially in places where children or pets frequent often.

Below are listed a few of the common areas in homes and businesses in the GTA and Durham region where there is a high-risk of accelerated damage to paint, as well as which factors are contributing to that damage, and an approximation of how often surfaces in these environments should be repainted:

A table describing high-risk areas in your home or business for paint damage, what factors contribute to that damage.

The Quality of the Initial Paint Job

Another major factor in determining the frequency someone should repaint their walls and surfaces is the quality of the initial paint job. Without adequately prepared surfaces, appropriately selected materials and equipment for the job, and significant elbow grease, a proper paint job that is made to last is just simple not possible; which unfortunately will then equate to more frequent repaints.

Maybe It’s Time for an Upgrade?

Outdated kitchen cabinetry in need out new paint

Another reason many surfaces need repainting is simply because that colour or style of paint is no longer in; and we live in a world where trends live hard, and die hard. Often times if a style is more out-there, you can expect it’s time in the spotlight to be somewhat short-lived (*cough* … the pet rock…). If you have an out-of-style accent wall, outdated wallpaper, or even an old dingy colour that you’ve been DYING to let go of, then do it! Even if the look simply just doesn’t spark happiness in you anymore, then that’s reason enough to refresh your paint!

If you’re in need of any residential or commercial paint upgrades, give 123 Paint a call! We offer quality painting services for both interior and exterior surfaces in the Durham region and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and we provide free on-site estimates and consultations to all of those who are interested! Visit us on our service page for further services we offer, including popcorn ceiling removal, and more!

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